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* Any content provided by the users of this site (including quiz URL, its title and description, all questions and answers, as well as all signatures and comments) expresses the individual views of these users.

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* The site users undertake to follow these terms. User IP addresses are logged and will be shared with the authorities, if necessary.

If any quiz violates these terms, please let us know immediately (

PRIVACY POLICY reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy. Each site user shall abide by the current Privacy Policy available on this page. Any changes introduced do not modify the basic principle: does not sell or share any personal or address information of its users with third parties.

If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy, please do not use this site.


* In order to use certain services available at, some personal information (e.g. e-mail address) must be provided in appropriate on-line forms. Other personal information is provided voluntarily. To prevent users from providing details other than their own, the data are verified by sending a message with a confirmation request to the e-mail address provided.

* Once these details are verified, they are added to the mailing list. You have the right to review these details and remove them. Appropriate links are included in each e-mail message. You can also contact us directly:

[Unsolicited mail]

* reserves the right to send unsolicited mail to people whose contact information it possesses and who agreed to the Privacy Policy.

* The term "unsolicited mail" should be understood as information related directly to its sites, magazines, services and products (e.g. modifications, special promotional offers), non-commercial messages (e.g. wishes, personal comments etc.) and commercial information, whose distribution was paid for by the customers of this site.

* Entities ordering commercial mailing do not have access to contact information of people included in the mailing lists.

* Commercial information is filtered as much as possible, its volume is limited and its distribution is occasional.

[Public personal information]

* Personal information provided at when sending comments, replying on the forum, creating tests etc. is available to everyone who visits pages containing this information. has no means to protect you against individuals or companies that use these details to send you various information. That is why, this information is not subject to the Privacy Policy.


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* Cookies are harmless to the computer, its user and the data it contains. To enable cookies, they must be accepted by the web browser and cannot be removed from the disk.

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