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How well do you know about me??!

Hey, hey....This is not a world championship quiz, relax!!!!! Close your eyes and think about ME!! Then start to do this quiz...No matter how much do you get..I still love you all!!! hahahahaaaaaaa.....!! Have a nice day!! PPl.

1. What is my real name?

2. What is my English name?

3. Who is the creator of my English name??

4. What is my date of birth??

5. What course am I studying??!

6. What University is that??!(Refer to Q.5)

7. How many years have I been living oversea?

8. What is the first part time job did I do in Australia???

9. How many places am I working right now??

10. How many brother/sister do I have??(exclude cousin)

11. What is my most favourite song??

12. What is my favourite Japanese comics??!

13. What is my dream car??!

14. Wich part of my face do I like the most??

15. How many languages have I study???

16. What phone am I using??!

17. What do I do in my spare time??

18. Who is my favourite hollywood actor??! ( The one I like the most!!!!)

19. What am I thinking about this quiz??

20. Finally, it is the last one!!!....Do you wanna finish this shit and see the result??!

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